Monthly Archives: June 2020

DIY Cleanups!

While coronavirus concerns and public health guidance continue to recommend against public gatherings, we are still actively engaged in improving Vallejo’s waterways and helping our community connect with the outside world. Like so many these days, we have re-imagined our activities – keeping the goals in sight while changing the paths to accomplish them. What does this mean for you, our wonderful Watershed Alliance volunteers? In June, we were planning to head to Lake Dalwigk to address any trash issues at the lake. We still can … just not at the same time! Here’s how it will work:

1.     Pick a day and time that you and your household, plan to go out and pick up trash around the lake.

2.     Email Info@VallejoWatershedAlliance with your preferences. (We don’t want everyone showing up at the time time.)

3.     Need supplies? We can provide disposable gloves, trash bags, hand sanitizer, waiver and loaner pickers, and we’ll be happy to drop them on your porch.

4.     Leave the filled trash bags next to the garbage cans at Lake Dalwigk Park, which is on the corner of Lemon and 5th Streets. Once you’ve done your cleanup, let us know how much trash was removed (# of bags filled + any other items that are too big for the bags, and how many people were there). We love photos – send us a couple of you in action! We will notify GVRD and they will dispose of the filled bags.

6.     If you’re borrowing pickers, let us know when we can retrieve them from your porch.

The usual rules of COVID apply: Don’t do this if you feel ill or have a fever, face coverings are strongly recommended, keep at least 6 feet of social distance with people who aren’t in your household, and sneeze or cough into a tissue or your elbow.

Have fun, and keep in touch!